How I setup my Jekyll Blog

11 August 2013 - Filed under jekyll

A few years back I had a Wordpress blog, and while it made it easy to setup and post, it required a lot of maintenance, was harder to control specific page formats, and was really bloated for what I needed. After a little research, I decided to go with Jekyll as a blogging platform. It is a ruby application that generates a static web site, but it is flexible enough to allow for a lot of customization.

There is quite a bit of documentation out there for setting up a blog with Jekyll, but below are all the steps I took to get my blog 'up and a runnin':

  1. Followed Jekyll setup tutorial (Jekyll)
  2. Installed rvm and updated ruby (for redcarpet support)
  3. Installed and used redcarpet for markdown parsing of ''' (code snippets)
  4. Added redcarpet extensions to _Config.yml get .md strikethrough working
  5. Added Highlight.js for code formatting
  6. Looked into Liquid formatting and Liquid filters
  7. Looked into .md formatting for posts
  8. Setup Git repo to house this awesome project

by Shayla Sawchenko